Facility Services
Management Software

CheckingPlan is an intelligent platform for integrated management that optimizes all types of mobility services (Facility Services).

Our solutions will help you to streamline your processes and improve efficiency.

Task management

Solution for planning, automation, monitoring and optimization of tasks.

Time and attendance

Global platform for the registration of working hours with multiple punching methods that can be used in conjunction.

Checklist and forms

Collects user information through customized forms for monitoring and subsequent decision making.

Access control

Management of access to public and private spaces with customizable configuration of permissions.

Customers who trust CheckingPlan

CheckingPlan has a solid track record. It has been successfully deployed a service management solution from 1998 onwards in a wide range of professional environments. Many leading Facility Services & Facility Management multinationals based in Spain have put their trust in our platform thanks to its reliability and performance.